Terms and Conditions



We take great care in packing and shipping your products. Plants are normally placed in bags containing moist sphagnum or wrapped in newspaper depending on a given species' required growing conditions. They are then placed in boxes and carefully packed with recycled paper to prevent any jostling in transit.

This is a part-time "business" for me, so most of my packing is done on the weekends when I'm away from my real job. Because of that, the bulk of my shipping will occur on Mondays barring extenuating circumstances. That means orders placed one week will largely all be packed the following weekend and ship out the next Monday. If in the event that a holiday, etc. results in a post office closure for Monday, they will ship Tuesday or Wednesday of that week. There may also be times where I am required to be out of town for a weekend or some period of time. In those cases, I will ship out orders in the order with which they occurred as promptly as I can Mon - Wed.

If there are circumstances that prevent you from receiving plants within the above schedules, please contact me via email, and I can make accomodations. 

At this time, USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are the preferred methods of shipping.

Winter Shipping

I reserve the right to hold or refund orders in winter to areas I feel are unsafe due to weather. In general, I ship anywhere USPS Priority when min. trip low temps are above 45F. If min trip lows are below 45F but above freezing, I will ship with a heat pack. If min trip lows are below freezing, I will hold orders until a safe window appears or refund them. 

I will ship orders Priority Mail Express in fully insulated boxes and heat packs to areas below freezing under certain circumstances. Please inquire prior to ordering.

Heat packs are available for $3. Please review your weather prior to finalizing an order and indicate whether or not you will need a heat pack included in your order. 

Arrival and Guarantees

I guarantee that your items will arrive alive and in good health. Plants may experience minor mechanical damage due to shipping or rapid changes in conditions, so any issues here will have to be taken on a case by case basis.


If the damage will adversely affect the plant's long-term health and establishment, I will gladly refund/replace the plant. If there are bent leaves, etc. due to shipping, I will not be responsible. 

If you feel the plant you received is not in good condition upon receipt, please notify me with timestamped photos within 6 hours of the posted delivery time associated with tracking. 


All photos on this site are mine or belong to friends of mine and are used with their permission. Please do not use photos unless you receive express written permission from me.